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Versace Relaxed Denim Jeans in Limewash / 33" Waist

Versace Relaxed Denim Jeans in Limewash / 33" Waist

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This is a custom, 1 of 1 pair of Versace relaxed denim jeans. They have a broken in, soft hand feel, and touches of weathering and wear throughout, adding character.

Pants began as solid dark grey prior to receiving a unique bleach treatment, and now have a washed out, smoky finish, with a mixture of tones in the grey and beige spectrums.   

They measure across the waist as a 33" waist, despite being marked a 36" waist. They would be way too tight for a 36" waist and fit perfectly for a 33" waist. 

Overall, the pants are essentially a 33" x 32" size.

Pants are a relaxed fit.


4 pockets (2 hand, 2 rear)

Versace branded detailing throughout


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